Main Street Complete Streets Project Summary


  • Road Diet – four lanes reduced to two lanes
  • Roundabouts to replace traffic signaled intersections
  • ADA improvements
  • Wayfinding signage and pavement markings
  • Parking


  • Wide Sidewalks with decorative brick paver borders
  • Street trees, planter areas, and automatic irrigation system
  • Wifi and Outdoor Speaker systems

Water line

  • 12-inch main line with new service lines to existing and future tenants
  • Fire hydrants
  • Fire line stub outs  


  • Primary upgrades to accommodate future tenant build-outs
  • Power for public events and activities
  • Power for new lighting fixtures, wifi system, and outdoor speaker system

Gateway features 

  • Signage at both entrances into the Historical district
  • Fingerpost sculpture at Orchard Park 

Storm Drain

  • Replaces aged Corrugated Metal Pipe with High Density Polyethylene pipe 
  • Increases system capacity to meet the 100-year, 24-hour storm event
  • Meets minimum self-flushing velocity

Benefits of the Storm Drain Design:

  • Reduces future costs for downstream storm water improvements
  • Allows for future downstream pipe sizes to be reduced from the Master Drainage Study
  • Allows capture of large storm events without using valuable surface area for detention ponds
  • Provides additional protection against flooding in the historic downtown area
  • Helps preserve our river corridor by capturing the ‘first flush’ pollutant loads, remove sediment, and allows the water to safely infiltrate into the ground
  • Will help the City to meet the proposed MS4 rules