About FFD

Farmington Fire Department (FFD) is located in the northwest corner of New Mexico and protects an area of 27 square miles, as well as supporting departments within the Four Corners Area. We serve a community of 47,000 people (according to the 2010 census) with an influx of over 100,000 people during business hours.

In 2012 FFD responded to 7,550 calls from six stations:
  • 53 structure fire responses
  • 225 total fires (car, brush, dumpster, etc.)
  • 101 technical rescue responses
  • 109 hazardous materials responses
  • 110 motor vehicle accidents
The district consists of 24% commercial and industrial areas, 66% residential areas, and 10% agricultural areas with 100% of this area equipped with municipal water supply and hydrants.

The FFD staffing is career paid personnel made up of 84 line personnel, all trained to NFPA 1001, NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 certified, 7 administrative personnel, for a total of 91 personnel. Our department operates on a 48/96 schedule with three shifts, providing service 24/7. The FFD is tasked with providing service and response to Fire, EMS, Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials, and Wildland/Urban Interface emergencies. We also have established and maintained a Technical Rescue Team, which are also members of the NM & FEMA USAR Taskforce 1, a NM State Regional Hazardous Materials Team, and a NM State contract Wildland Firefighting Team.

The FFD has automatic aid agreements with all surrounding fire and rescue agencies, including the Navajo Nation, which covers 9,275 square miles of the Four Corners area (including New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona). High desert recreation area, transportation highway, and oil and gas industry field sites make up a majority of this automatic aid area.