Housing fulfills a basic human need for shelter and is considered to be be an integral factor for the enjoyment of other economic, social and cultural rights. Access to safe, affordable, and stable housing is essential for a person's health, safety, and well-being. 

Farmington will support sustainable and innovative housing options, economic opportunities, and land uses that maintain Farmington as a safe and vibrant place.  2040 Comprehensive Plan Community Vision Statement

While housing is primarily a function of private markets, the City's main role is to provide adequate and appropriate zoning for development, to assure health and safety through the provision of streets and utilities and enforcement of building codes, and to facilitate the development process through permitting. 

The City's 2040 Comprehensive Plan outlines a number of goals pertaining to housing in Farmington with the intention of promoting attainable, accessible, and quality housing and neighborhoods that meet the needs of the residents houseand conform to required standards:

  1. Update code, zoning, and regulations to promote the uniform construction and infill development of a variety of housing options. 
  2. Continue the development of strategies for affordable and workforce housing. 
  3. Promoting attainable, accessible, and quality housing and neighborhoods that meet the needs of the residents.

Housing Reports

The Farmington Housing Snapshot has been assembled to provide an overview of the Farmington housing market with specific attention regarding the availability and affordability of housing. To do this, a number of factors have been examined such as demographics, economic activity, income, housing profiles, as well as recent rental and real estate market trends.Cover

Farmington Housing Snapshot Graphics

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